Jungi baaskursus inglise keeles – registreerimistähtaeg 16.jaanuar!

Basic course in analytical psychology in Helsinki in February 12-13th, and March 19-20th. Language: English. Registration to 16.1.
Including: central theories and concepts: the association tests, complex, symbol, archetype, fairy tales and myths, the scientific position and foundations, individuation and it’s important archetypes the shadow, persona, anima/animus, self; the psychology of religion, the unconscious and the conscious, working methods.The course is planned to suit travellers and directed to psychotherapists, psychologists, physicians and social workers. It is regarded to be inspiring, giving a logic overall view of the theories and how they relate to each other. Case and interpretation examples.
€290 +VAT 24%. On request a discount for one academic student and foreigners travelling to the course.
More information from Lars Ehnberg (Dipl. C.G.Jung-institute, Zürich, 1987) lars@ehnberg.net or at http://www.ehnberg.net/fi/lars/courses/jung-peruskurssi-2010.html

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